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November 12, 2019 Westin Yancey

Chasebaits PropDuster – Monthly Video Shoot

Our goal for our second round of monthly video shoot was to show off the Chasebaits PropDuster glide bait. Its unique design allows anglers to create a reaction strike with a 180 degree rotation for walking and swimming through the water. The PropDuster is a great bait to throw around structure, in between docks, and around grass lines. The Chasebaits PropDuster is very versatile. It’s easy to cast and even easier to fish. You will have a high amount of confidence handing this bait to a new or experienced angler whose looking to put big fish in the boat.

The Chasebaits Prop Duster comes in 5 different colors and 3 different sizes. Each one has a revolving belly blade for extra flash and vibration.  This will give you versatility on the water with the ability to target different sized fish.