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HUNTING Photography

Hunting Photography is one of the most exciting services to us. Whether it is deer, elk, bear, hog, or mountain lion photography we want to capture your journey. We love to be in the fields or tree stands capturing amazing photos for our clients. Modern Outdoor Media has worked with a wide array of clients over the years. We have worked with hunting guides, manufactures, companies, and hunters who love to take advantage of our photography services. We are sure that you’ll love our modern and edgy outdoor photography style.

Hunting Photography

Product Photography

Product Photography can be the best way to showcase your product in its natural setting. We specialize in shooting in such a way that customers believe it. Which is making sure that our models are interacting with your product in a way that your customers would. We are able to accomplish this by working with real hunters on shoots. Our network of professionals helps us align the right hunter with the right product. 

Hunting Guide & Outfitter Photography

There are various reasons we may photograph a hunter. It is important for a hunter who is trying to showcase themselves to capture content. They will need high quality photos for their websites, media kits, consistent social media content, and promotional materials. When your presentation is professional quality it will set you above the rest. Our photography allows our hunters to focus on hunting while we focus on the memory. 

Hunting Photography
Hunting Photography

Types of Hunting Photography we offer

-Deer Hunting

-Elk Hunting

-Beer Hunting

-Trophy Hunting

-Wild Hog Hunting

-Mule Deer Hunting