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May 3, 2019 Westin Yancey

Why Does Having 10K Followers Matter on Instagram?

We get hit up all the time with this one question:


Passion and experience are not enough to get brands to want to invest their products or marketing budget into you. Because, and let’s just be honest for one second, we are all PASSIONATE about the outdoors when it is in season. We get Buck Fever or await the spring to go get our lines wet while pulling in largemouth bass.

And then we take a picture. Send it to The Gram to show off what we did.

After receiving 100 Likes on that post we expect brands like Under Armour Hunt and Megabass to send us all their products and beg for a feature.

But it doesn’t happen. Even though we tag them, we do not even get a like from them. We go unnoticed.

Well…I am going to help you understand how your following is important to a brand and the “Golden Standard” is the coveted 10K.

Here is why:


This is the point by which a brand is able to see that you are established within the community. There is a validity to seeing someone who wishes to represent brands with a following over 10K.

Swipe Up feature in Stories:

The whole point of being an Influencer in any market is to drive more people to the brand for sales. When a brand decides to sponsor you, they come with a list of deliverables that they require to maintain your status with them. Providing images is one thing but the ability to direct followers to a product for easy buying is what they are wanting. With the Swipe Up feature, you are able to showcase a product, article, video, blog, or service and drive your audience to the checkout lane. You do not get that feature unless you reach 10K.

Link in Posts:

Like I was mentioning above with the Swipe Up feature in Stories, being able to embed a link your posts is the way to connect your audience to the brand in a longer-term exposure. Taking that perfect photograph of that new lure or bow will allow you to extend your content for the brand to drive sales.

Measurable Analytics:

This one is subjective depending on the brand, but, most marketing departments need to know the data of the impressions and reach of their brand. So, when you reach the 10K the marketing team knows that sending you a free product is worth the investment for the exposure. If you have 600 followers and wondering why you are not getting sponsored it is not that your content is not good enough or your passion or love of the brand but it is not worth the monetary investment for them.

Before you begin spamming outdoors brands for “free stuff” you need to build something that is worth it to them for a trade. Get to know the brands. Present yourself professionally and you will be on your way to representing brands.

If you are wanting to boost your Instagram following, there are ways that will help magnify your efforts. Just click below.