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Do something you love so much, you forget to eat. That's when you will be successful.

Our Mission

Our team

When you look at hiring your next creative project out, make sure you are hiring a team of creatives that speak your language. We are a group out Outdoor Creatives that specialize in Digital Marketing for some of the most well known brands in the industry. 

Noel Conway


Noel Conway is our in house Photographer/Videographer. He also manages Social Media accounts for us. Noel is an Avid Outdoorsman that lives and breathes what he does. With several nice Whitetail deer and Turkey on his resume, Noel took full advantage of owning and growing up on a farm in the Midwest. 

Westin Yancey


Our founder Westin Yancey started on this journey in Oregon while creating beautiful content for Outdoor Companies in the Northwest. Growing up in the Midwest, Wes moved the company back to be near family and be more centrally located for his client base. You can find him on the water chasing Bass in his down time!

Freddie Teague

Graphic Designer

The man behind the beautiful aesthetic you see in our portfolios. When Wes was interviewing designers, he was looking for a very Modern Aesthetic, that is when Freddie’s work caught his eye. Freddie brings a very unique design approach to a sometimes stagnant industry. Freddie will challenge your comfort level and leave you amazed. Don’t believe us? Have a look at his work here