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February 11, 2019 Westin Yancey

Tips to Getting Sponsored in the Outdoors Industry

We love the outdoors. And we know that you love it as well. But getting sponsored is so difficult.

There are many opportunities for those of you who would like to get into the outdoors industry to make a living or simply get paid to do what you enjoy.

But, so many who wish to receive those packages of camo and gear in the mail from sponsors do not know how to get to that point.

In today’s post we will be discussing some tips to get you going on the journey of sponsorship for the outdoors you enjoy.

More Than Just for Fun

Brands are looking for men and women to represent them in the market professionally

One wrong move by someone representing a brand can be detrimental to the brand. In today’s social climate, it is difficult for a brand to just trust anyone with their name on it. To be attractive to those brands you wish to be sponsored by, you will need to show them that you are a professional and can be trusted with their brand on the line.

Influencer marketing is a growing platform for professionals to showcase products for brands who sponsor them

It is said that influencer marketing will be overtaking the traditional marketing by next year. TV and radio will be the set back in the past and you as an influencer will be where brands will invest their products and marketing money to make their products and services known through brand awareness. You are a valuable asset for these brands and you will be rewarded for representing them well.

To get influence, it takes time. A lot of it. Learning, publishing, and growing.

The reason that there are so many who wish to get into this without success is due to the lack of investment of the many. The amount of time it takes to position yourself as a professional and worth the investment is extensive. This is no longer something anyone can do. It is for the one willing to do what it takes to make it. Learning the software and skills needed to be that asset along with taking the time it is done right will ensure that you are set apart from all the others who just take a picture with their phone and post it up.

Be Professional

Professional in conduct

You are a professional. Influencer marketing is a profession now. Conducting yourself in a manner that reflects the brand well will showcase you as one who is worth the investment.

Professional in content

The content has to be on point. A bad photo that is out of focus or a video that is jumpy or pixelated does not reflect well on the brand you represent. When a brand sponsors you it is for the content you will be delivering to the world. It must be professionally done and stand out from the barrage of common images on Instagram.

Professional in context

Positioning yourself as a professional in the outdoors industry merits that you know what you are talking about. The tradition of the outdoors runs deep within so many and if you are posting up content that is out of context, you will get called out. Being called out for a mistake not only makes you look bad but it also makes the brands you represent look bad. Before you go live with your content, make sure you know what you are talking about because if you don’t someone will know and will let you know about it.

Numbers Are Important

Your followers are your value to the industry

Within influencer marketing, your value that you bring to the table of the conversation is the amount of followers and audience you have. This is a measurable analytic that can be considered when a brand is looking to invest in you.

Reach is what brands are looking for and if you don’t have it, you won’t get sponsored.

Brands are wanting to get their name out there into the market to as many people as possible. The investment of gear and/or monetary supplication to you as an influencer is predicated on the amount of reach you have within the market.

Sales-driven motivation. That is what they are after.

Sales is the End Game for influencer marketing. By starting out with ambition of brand awareness, they are investing in their future by choosing to partner with you. Whether it is a short-term goal for a promotion or they are looking to play the branding long play, the end result for them is sales.


So, you have the desire to invest the time required to go professional. You have the professional content. You know how to market yourself.

But…you do not have the followers.

We can help with that. Jumpstarting your career in the outdoors industry through Social Media Growth on Instagram.

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