February 12, 2020 Westin Yancey

Purpose Is What Drives Your Website

Define Your Website's Purpose

The first goal for any website is to define its goal. Do you want clients to contact you? Purchase products from your website? or just come there for general information?

A website with a purpose will lead visitors exactly where they want to go. You don’t want to drown out your products or service with too much flash. A proper website mixes visual representation to match their website’s copy/text. This will give your customers a full experience that helps guide their movement on the website.

Focus on Keywords

Having a website that focuses on keywords relevant to the products and services that a website offers very important. A website needs to have pages that correlate throughout the website. A proper keyword/SEO plan will start with your main keywords and funnel all related keywords throughout the web site’s pages, products, and post. 

Answer Questions Early

Answer your visitor’s questions as early as possible. If your service and customer experience typically comes with questions that need to be answered a website is a perfect place to answer those questions beforehand. As a business owner, the more time spent answering questions the less time you have to focus on other priorities. Answer the customer’s questions right away with an easily accessed FAQ.

Testimonial Experiences

Another often overlooked purpose of a website is to give customers the confidence in your brand with testimonials. When a visitor sees a client with an experience that might be similar to theirs it will build confidence with that visitor. 

Lead The Customer

Truly the main goal of a website is to get the visitor to perform a series of actions that leads to more income, views, or contacts. If your website is not accomplishing that or creating a cloudy experience for your visitors it will struggle. Before building a new website it is important to define your websites purpose that will match your brand goals.