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What Poor Boys Baits was needing?

Poor Boys Baits reached out to us needing a refreshed image for their brand. Poor Boys Baits has been in business for 15+ years and is sold all over the country. We wanted to make sure we maintained the image they had already created while setting them up with modern designs that will propel them into the future.

We began by redesigning Poor Boy’s logo which needed a major overhaul. We wanted to keep the natural aggression of their original logo while building a bold personality. The goal is to create an image and identity that stands out on their website, packaging, and media sources. The new Poor Boys logo allows them to set their tone in the fishing industry by moving past other companies who have outdated identities.

Poor Boys Baits Website…

Poor Boys Baits website was in need of a major overhaul. Their old website had many problems such as lack of responsiveness, low quality pictures, and outdated information. It was in need of a major cosmetic update. Its very important to give customers confidence when they come to your website. If a product has a bad pictures or a lack of information the customer will be much less likely to continue the checkout process.

We set a goal with the new Poor Boys Website to update the mobile responsiveness and overall image quality. We took as much of their old information and images as we could to give them a fresh image to match their new websites theme. Selling products is the number one goal on their new website. We wanted to feature as many of their products as possible on the homepage to lead customers and visitors to their shop as quickly as possible. .

Where Poor Boys Baits is going…?

Poor Boys Baits will continue to be a staple in the fishing lure industry with their new website and logo. Their new website allows them the ability to break out of the mold by using up-sells, order bumps, and email marketing. The website retains customer information and the ability to retarget old customers and those who have abandoned their cart. Having this ability greatly increases their overall sales and marketing reach.

We are excited for their new launch because of the ability to integrate their sales and strategies along with it into the future.