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September 25, 2019 Westin Yancey

Outdoor Website Tips For Businesses & Brands

Make A Website Work For Your Business

One of the main reasons we wanted to dive into some depths of Outdoor Website Tips is because even when we clock out of work the needs for a healthy website are still very apparent.

It’s safe to say that during a month if not a week someone will ask me, “What do you do for a living.” While my work crosses many different areas, I usually answer them with a simple, “I build & design websites.” What is funny is that I often get the same response, “Oh, I need a website for my ______.” Fill in the blank. After having many conversations, I find that almost everyone needs a website. Whether it is for a business, blog, charity, event, or something else entirely, there is a niche market for you, and it can be exploited for your benefit.

Outdoor Website Tips –

Define Your Website’s Purpose

The main goal of any website is to have a purpose. That purpose can be a variety of things. Is your primary focus featuring and selling products? Is the main goal for someone to get into contact with you about your service? You want to give visitors on the website the chance to find what they are looking for on your site. 

Outdoor Website Tips –

Feature Your Business On Your Website

It would be beneficial for a hair salon to show off all their hairstyles, colors, products, and any other services they offer to the website visitors. There are two ways to show off these services. The first one is through written content by providing visible text that tells the visitor about the salon. Through text content, you can better describe your business’s process and what they can expect with your business. The second is visual content. Through photo and video, you can walk your visitors through the process and give a visual representation of your business. The website becomes more and more potent as you increase the text and visual content.

Outdoor Website Tips –

How To Get Website Visitors

This is maybe the most crucial question as a website is, for the most part, useless if nobody ever looks at it. Depending on the purpose of the website and whether it is targeting a local or national business will determine the avenues to target first. With a local business, it is crucial to get a Google Business Listing up as soon as possible. Google now not only ranks by content but also through the geographical location. If your website is cosmetically better and updated frequently, you will have an extreme advantage in your local area. Google will rank the top 3 businesses according to the location of the user who’s searching for a service. 

On a national level, visitors become much hard to reach the beginning but can be much more rewarding — there a few ways to retain visitors. The biggest and main strategy being keyword planning. Focusing blogs and website content to focus on the main keywords that pertain to your industry is crucial to building an active website. Finding the main keywords people are searching for and providing them with the answers to their questions will bring ALOT of value to your page. Other avenues that are relatively cheap but can be more time consuming is being active in the social media realm. Posting to Instagram, Facebook, and being active in other industry pages can help streamline national visitor retention to your outdoor website.

Outdoor Website Tips –

Content is King 

There is nothing quite like trying to build a website without having a visual presentation to feature your services. We highly recommend anyone who plans to launch a business or needs a website for their business that they continually take photos and find ways to document their activity. Recording and logging data for future use gives developers more fuel to work with when it comes to building a website. Having high-resolution photos is a must. They make it much easier to edit and manipulate for use on your website. 

Super Secret Outdoor Website Tips* We highly recommend taking horizontal photos with a camera or cell phone as often as possible. Horizontal images are the most flexible photos to use on websites as they are used for banners and promotional material.

Outdoor Website Tips –


A website is an online resume for your business or service that anyone who visits will be shown your work and the length of your business in whole. A website truly is never finished and should always get attention from its owners. Being able to update actively and stay modern with your designs and features will continue to help you beat out the competition. Always remember with a website its a marathon and not a sprint. Most websites can take months to years to find a stronghold in their industry, but it will pay off if you stick with it.