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Outdoor Logo Design

Your outdoor logo design will be your potential customer’s first impression . It represents more than just your name. Its the design, shape, language, color(s), size that gives the feeling that someone gets about your company. It can speak to how professional you are, how forward-thinking you are, and how successful you are. Think of the most recognizable brands out there. Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike. You immediately recognize these brands through their logos. This is the power that logos have. 

Hunting Logos

We’ll work to understand your business, your mission, and your customers. We match your logos ideation with our design aesthetics to develop an hunting logo that you will be proud of. Our outdoor logo design clients range from camouflage manufacturers to hunting seed plot companies such as Monster Buck Seed Co whose newest image has been making a huge impact in their market. 

Fishing Logos

We design fishing logos that stand out above the competition. We will create your brand an universal image that can be used on their websites, apparel, business cards, and promotional designs. We design every logo to last the test of time. Five to ten years from now your logo will still be recognized as a staple in the fishing industry. To fully understand what a brand reimage can do for a company take a look at out our Angler Aid Case Study

Outdoor Logo Design - Redesign Zero Mile Mark

Our Outdoor Logo Design Process


  • Our initial consultation will help nail down your brands core identity.

Sketch Phase

  • Simple hand sketched and drawn ideas


  • Create an enhanced digital copies of the sketched theme

Review Consultation

  • Review the logo and add revisions

Final Delivery

  • Full File Delivery (.ai, .png, .jpg, .eps)
  • Color Varations
  • Mockups