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The essential part of the outdoor branding process is getting to know our clients. We take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business and your current situation. After getting to know you, it allows us to assess and find a proper starting point for your company. Once we determine a proper starting point we begin breaking down the full fundamental aspects of your brand. 

Outdoor Branding Process



Does the name of your brand represent the overall goal and direction that your brand wants to create. It is important that when someone hears your brands name they can associate your name with your industry. Does your brand name have a meaning and does it create appeal for future designs.

Outdoor Logo Design


A logo is one of the main identification points for a brand. It will be visible in nearly every aspect of your brand. A logo will represent you on your website, product, business card, email, apparel, and many other items your business might need. It becomes easier to build your brands assets around a proper logo design. A logo is not something a successful business should cut corners on as logo will represent your company for 5-20+ years. 

Outdoor Branding Process


We can create a full color scheme to enhance your brands visual appeal and solidarity. Keeping your brands colors fluent and unique will give you confidence creating any visual designs for your brand. We create color guides that give your brand an ability to standout.

Outdoor Branding Process


Domain Name

Every brand needs a website and the main goal of every website is traffic. You want a URL that rolls off the tongue easy, but also is keyword friendly or industry specific. This will allow your potential visitors to be searched & found much easier.

Website Theme

We tailor every website theme to the specific brand. We initially identify the goals of the website and the companies resources we have to design the layout. We use all the company information available to us to begin your website build

Outdoor Website Theme


Plugins bring quite a bit of customized functionality to a website. Plugins can perform functions on a website that might not be associated with a typical website. Plugins can range from shipping procedures, rating forms, contact forms, SEO, photo galleries, and much more. If you have an idea for your website we can typically make them come to life on your website. 

Outdoor Branding Process - Megabass USA


Email will be the websites main form of communication. We can assign multiple email accounts depending on a companies main forms of contact and employee count. All emails will give your a professional appeal with a domain name association. 

Ex: info@modernoutdoormedia.com


Hosting is often overlooked and usually never talked about. Everyone sees the final product of a website, but they typically don’t understand the processes that create a healthy website. Hosting is the server in which your websites structure and data is stored. Its very beneficial to host your website on a quality server. You want a quick website for a user friendly interface, this also helps with search engine optimization. 24/7 customer service and consistent server uptime. If your website goes offline for any period of time it can hurt your google search rankings. This can be especially frustrating especially if you don’t have the support to help fix any issues. This is why we use the highest quality hosting servers available for our clients. 

Maintenance & Secruity

We provide maintenance and security for all of our websites. It is important that a website is routinely monitored and plugins are consistently updated. The internet is constantly changing and developers are continually improving functions. If themes and plugins are not updated it can cause breaks in your website and also create a security risk. 

We provide an SSL certificate for every website. This creates an encrypted link so that website data is transferred safely too and from your webpage to your server. This allows for confidence and safe website sales and contact form information. 

Evolving Websites

Just like anyones life or business things are constantly changing and so should your website. If your company consistently has new products, blogs, and additions it is important to reflect those changes on your page. We can create a package based on your websites situation to make sure your page stays up to date. 

Search Engine Optimization 

A website needs to have a goal and to achieve that goal a website needs to be search engine friendly. Visitors who travel to your website need to find exactly their answers or products they are searching for. It is important to make sure the information on your website is direct and available to the public. The more value you can create on your website through content and knowledge your search engine rankings will increase. We can develop a local and national plan with your website to guarantee visitors are finding your page. 

Website Speed

Fast websites have a direct correlation with google rankings and performance. A slow website will cause a visitor to leave a website, or never show up in the first place. This will tell google that visitors are leaving quickly and will significantly hurt your SEO score. Having a fast website will allow your visitors to have a much better experience when they travel across your pages and online stores. Websites that load in less than 5 seconds will see an average of 70% longer page views. 


Traffic and Social Media Growth

Now that the website is done it is time for the final stage of the outdoor branding process. It is time to get some website traffic. How do you get this traffic? We use a wide range of methods to gain website visitors and all of them are crucial. We typically start with a Google business listing. Good Seo plus a healthy google business listing will help you capture your entire geo local market. The next piece of the puzzle is Social Media Management. We have services that offer daily post scheduling and management of Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and more. 

Paid ads. Google, Facebook, and many other social platforms will allow you to create sponsored content that will allow you to drive traffic to your website. It does often take some money to make money. The main goal is to increase your ROI(Return of Investment) with your paid ads and social growth platform.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to our outdoor branding process we do not like to cut corners. We want to be proud of our work and you to be happy with your final product. We work diligently to create a brand that will be successful and eye catching for years to come. Please feel free to dive into our aspects on our website to learn more about our full branding services. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.