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March 17, 2020 Westin Yancey

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing

When is the last time you looked at optimizing your My Google Business Listing? If it’s been a while then you might certainly cringe when you think about the potential money you could be losing out on.

Google Business Listings allow companies to create a geographical entity on Google Maps, Local Finder, and Google’s Locals Pack. This means it is of the highest priorities for businesses whose customers are in their local area.

Dominate Your Local Search Rankings by Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings

We will use one of our client’s Donald Hedge Guide Service as an example. Donald came to us looking to expand his guiding business on Pickwick Lake in Tennessee. We built him a website and a google business listing to help with search rankings. In this example we are using the search term: Pickwick Fishing Guides.

Depending on the location of the person searching on google they can potentially see two different results. If they are out of the state or local region their first results will be the top ranking webpages. If the individual searching is in the local area their results will typically start with paid ads (if there are any for the keyword) followed by a google map with the top local pins. Attached to the map will be the top 3 ranked business listings. 

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings
Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings

Getting into this top 3 is very essential for your local business. This is where potential customers will decide which business they will contact or give their business to. They will look at the photos associated with your business, the reviews submitted by past customers, as well as your website if one is attached. The good news for most companies is that a large majority have not taken advantage of their listing let alone paired a professional website to support it. 

Having a professional, modern, and responsive website will give your business the edge over the competition. Customers will typically choose the company they have the most confidence in. A website and google business listing go hand in hand with one another. The google business listing will give customers the initial feel for your business while your website informs and guides them through their process or service. Over time this will boost your business listing and your website with the increased amount of views and interactions driven from each other. 

Google Business Listing Features

It is important to make sure all your business information is correct. Always double check the contact information, address, phone number, and hours are updated. When you first create a business listing you will be prompted to select a business category. Set your business listing with the closest available category to your services. 


Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings

Keep your google review link readily available. You can text and email this quick link to every customer. The more and more solid reviews your page receives the higher it will rank on the google listing database. *given they are 95% 5 star reviews. To better streamline this process you can create an email follow up that contains the link to help guide the customers to your review page easier and more often. At the end of the day its always better to personally ask for a review from your clients.

Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings


Optimizing Your Google My Business Listings

People are more visual than ever today. Make sure you continually take high quality photos of your business, services, and products and add them to your listing. Google typically rewards websites and pages which are updated more often. I recommend every business to build a content folder and update it with new photos any chance you get. 


The “Post” feature on the google listing is a relatively new feature. It is a creative  area to add project updates, news, events, or any additional services you might have started offering. Like the rest of the listing this is another area that if used correctly and routinely will push you up the rankings. Use this area for new sales, holiday events, or general information about the business that might not be so forward on your page. 

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

98% of all companies should have a google business listing. Every local company is missing out on business if they do not take advantage of this opportunity to connect with their local market. In nearly every business category you can search you will find companies who have outdated or no listing at all. Just by creating an account your business can immediately increase your visibility and leap frog those companies who have refused to stay ahead of the curve. 

Keep an eye on your google business listing for suggested edits and featured updates from google. If Google offers a new feature I recommend setting a plan to utilize it. Google typically expects businesses to use these features, and typicallyare added to the algorithm that scores your website.

Setting up, managing, and optimizing your google business listing is rather easy. A free simple discoverability feature that’s accessible by all companies is still not being utilized to its full extent. The best place to start is in your local market. I can promise that you will move above the rest and make more money for you and your business.