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November 12, 2021 Brett Hoffman

The Most Accurate Broadheads: Thorn

Nearly every archer has heard the phrase “field point accuracy” from a broadhead company at some point. However, the fact of the matter is that those claims simply were not true. Until Thorn Archery came along, that is. Thorn has accomplished the impossible, and offers the most accurate broadheads on earth.

About: Thorn Broadheads

Established in 2014, Thorn set out to provide hunters with a broadhead that actually lived up to the age-old claims by other companies. The goal was to create a head that flew like a field point, while not sacrificing the devastation that hunters want in a broadhead.

They did exactly that.

Today, Thorn Broadheads offers everything from a 2.2″ cutting diameter mechanical for both compounds and crossbows, all the way to an absolutely wicked fixed blade that sacrifices no accuracy unlike fixed blades of the past.

Thorn is based right here in the United States, and manufactures their products here as well.


My Thorn Of Choice

Personally, I have always been a fan of mechanical broadheads that offer the largest cutting diameter. However, I felt like I was constantly in a battle getting those heads to fly well at distance. 

Whenever I first discovered the Thorn Rift, I knew I had to try them for myself. A 2.2″ cutting diameter expandable with a “field point accuracy guarantee”? I thought there was no way, but I am from the “Show-Me State”, so I had to see for myself.

The first thing I remember that I was immediately fond of was the practice capability of the broadhead. The Rift comes with a practice clip, and sheer pins, and when installed, the blades are completely concealed inside of the body. The reason I love this is because Thorn has eliminated the issue of dulling blades while practicing!

So, not only can I practice with the exact same setup that I will hunt with, but now I can know with confidence that when the practice clip comes off, I am heading into the woods with sharp blades.

Now for the million dollar question.

Do the broadheads fly like a field point?

Absolutely. It took me no time at all to see that the Thorn Broadheads were in fact the most accurate that I had ever shot. With a tuned bow, I was able to shoot arrows with field points side by side with my arrows that had my Thorn Rifts on them out to 105 yards! 

Overall Thoughts

As stated earlier, being from the “Show-Me State” pushed me to test the claims made by Thorn Broadheads about the accuracy of their heads.

I was not disappointed whatsoever with my decision to make the initial purchase. Without sacrificing any cutting diameter from my previous broadheads of choice, I now have the most accurate head on the market, and one that I can practice with year-round while keeping my blades sharp.

If you are like me, and simply reading this article along with hearing the claims made on the package aren’t enough, I highly encourage you to visit https://www.thornbroadheads.com/ and try them for yourself.

I am confident that you will be just as pleased as I am with how much better your groups are with Thorn Broadheads.