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What Monster Buck Seed Co. needed…

When Monster Buck Seed Co. first approached us they were inquiring about a logo. After reviewing their brand we noticed an opportunity that was available in the market segment: differentiation. If you review all of the food plots seed company brand designs they are all the same. Take a look at the bags in your local sporting goods store, you will see all of them with a picture of a buck on their bag with the name of the product in an exaggerated way. The logos are all the same. So, a customer, like us, would just pick one and go with it. Customers would not even know where to begin with choosing a product due to all of them looking the same.

Monster Buck Seed Co. needed to show up on the shelf not looking like the rest thus giving a customer a product that stands out.

What they will look like…

Due to the excess of typeface usage in the competing brands in an unprofessional way, we decided to develop a bold and geometric typeface that will keep them identifiable and easy to read on the shelf. It will not be difficult to know when you see a Monster Buck Seed Co. product.

As you may be able to see, we decided to showcase Monster Buck Seed Co. with a color palette that reflects natural feels and connectivity with earth and growth.

How the brand identity is applied…

The goal in the application phase was to ensure that no matter where the brand is seen, it will stand out quickly. Bold logo mark that will cause fans to seek to represent. Straight forward brand packaging to be easily seen on the shelf with the competition that all are blurred together.

The apparel design is one of gravitating customers to help spread brand awareness as well as present customers with an opportunity to engage beyond the seed.