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March 30, 2020 Westin Yancey

Modern Outdoor Apparel Launches!

Your Favorite Outdoor Apparel Apparel Brand

Modern Outdoor Media has always preached the philosophy if you “Look Good, You Feel Good.” We have always been passionate about wearing clothing and gear that represented our personalities and interest. This led us to launch Modern Outdoor Apparel. A modern apparel brand for the outdoor enthusiast. We combine the look of streetwear with the new generation of outdoorsmen. We wanted to push past the illustrated old school image and bring a fresh look that can be worn in any situation.

We released our first production of Modern Outdoor Apparel shirts now available on www.modernoutdoorapparel.com. 

Check out our Red Line Series that features your favorite outdoor activities. Or if you are about to hit the water let the world know you are “Catching Limits!” 

Modern Outdoor Apparel will continue releasing fresh new apparel designs for every season and activity!

Not only do we create our own designs, but we can print yours too! Contact us today about getting new shirts designed.