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October 21, 2021 Brett Hoffman

Mathews V3 Gear Review

It seems like every year, I tell myself that my current Mathews is my favorite bow I’ve ever owned. And it’s true! Well, until the new one comes out, and that all changes. That is exactly what happened when Mathews came out with the V3. I had previously owned a Mathews VXR 31.5, and said no bow would ever beat it. Ironically, here I am writing a review on a Mathews V3 31.

What's New For 2021?

This year, Mathews unveiled what they are calling the CenterGuard. The idea behind this was that having the roller guard perfectly centered between the axles would give an even pull from the top and bottom cams. This is important, because on a dual cam bow, you want the cams to be in time with one another for maximum efficiency.

Along with the CenterGuard technology, Mathews also rolled out the Nano Damper. Now, if you’ve been following along with Mathews’ bows over the last several years, you know that vibration damping is their jam. With the new Nano Damping, they have tuned a damper specifically for the vibration of the V3, and have somehow taken “dead-in-hand” to an entirely new level.

What Stayed The Same?

With the release of the Vertix in 2019, we saw Mathews roll out a new grip. This was named the Engage Grip, and they also began offering side plates. Those same grips have carried over into the V3 line.

Also released in 2019 were the Switchweight Cams, which gave shooters the ability to change not only the draw length, but draw weight as well by swapping out modules. Mathews eliminated the need to back out or tighten down your limb bolts to change draw weight. The reason that’s significant is because your bow is most efficient when the limb bolts are maxed out. So, with Switchweight Technology that is no longer a concern. So for the V3, you still have the ability to change draw weight and length by swapping your draw modules.

My Mathews V3

The Mathews V3 is offered in both a 27 and a 31 inch axle to axle. After how well I shot my VXR 31.5, I had to go with the V3 31. I am shooting it at 30 inches of draw and 77 pounds of draw weight. This bow is without a doubt, the quietest bow I have ever shot, and there is absolutely no vibration whatsoever after the shot. The draw cycle is very similar to the VXR, but I do think that the CenterGuard has made the draw feel just a bit smoother. 

If you are in the market for a new bow, I would highly recommend the Mathews V3, and I have shot both the 31 and the 27, and both feel great. If you’re like I was, and already have a Mathews from one of the previous years, I suggest going and shooting a V3 at your local pro shop to feel it for yourself. I think you will be shocked at how Mathews has once again improved in areas I didn’t know there was even room to improve upon.

To watch my in-depth breakdown of the V3, visit: https://youtu.be/o1yFtiqT5Zs

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