This is your portfolio

Develop a media kit to show how you can benefit brands for sponsorship

Why is a media kit important?

Having a portfolio of who you are as a professional is a must-have in connecting with brands who are looking for ambassadors to represent them in the outdoors industry.

How you are able to be valuable to those brands is only communicated through what you are able to offer. How will they know that you will be a valuable asset to them if they do not know how you will represent them?

A media kit is a well-designed PDF that communicates as to why you are a good fit for a brand to connect with you in sponsorship. It shows to the potential brand that you are able to achieve the goals they wish to achieve for the year as well as showcase to them that you are a good fit for their team.

This is more than text in an email.

You will be miles ahead of your competition by having a well-designed media kit.

We can help you get sponsored

Coming from sponsored anglers ourselves, we are able to bring understanding as to what brands are looking for in the deliverable information. We are able to help you build the portfolio that will showcase you as a professional in the industry that is attractive to potential sponsors.

Our design team is able to put together a media kit that is aesthetically pleasing and informative to communicate how you are the right person to be sponsored.

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