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September 9, 2021 Brett

Google My Business Is No Longer Optional

Ostersund, Sweden - December 3, 2016 Closeup of Google My Business website under a magnifying glass. Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses, brands, artists, and organizations
Google My Business listings are an essential part of any business’ online presence,  and are often the first place customers look for up-to-date information about a company. In the age of Covid-19, this is as true as it has ever been.

If your customers want to find your new opening hours or want to call you to inquire about your health and safety protocols, you can bet they probably aren’t going to crack open the Yellow Pages. Instead, they’re going to Google your business’ name and check the right-hand panel for the information they need. If it’s not there, they may look elsewhere.

I will never forget the time we were filming an episode of G3 Sportsman on Pickwick Lake and were catching bass one after another on a jerkbait. After breaking that lure off on our 8th fish, we were left throwing different colors, and we could not buy a bite. Of course, as soon as we got off the water I Googled “Tackle shops near me”. I was on the hunt for a Megabass OneTen in the PM Twilight Chart Back color. Google popped up a little tackle shop located in the back of a gas station that I had been to before, completely unaware there was a tackle shop.  Just like that, they made 75 dollars off of me. The point is- I would have never known they were there if they didn’t have a GMB listing.

How do I create a Google My Business listing?
  1. On your computer, sign in to Google My Business
  2. Sign in to your Google account, or create one. Then, click “Next”. (Sign up with your business email domain aince this account will be for your chain.)
  3.  Enter the name of your business or chain. If you have a chain, you can also select it from the suggestions that display as you type
  4. Enter the address of your business or chain. Then, click “Next”. (You may be asked to place a marker on a location of your chain or business on a map. If your business does not have a physical location, you can list the area instead.)
  5. Choose how your business will display on Google Maps. If you serve customers at your business address, enter that address. If you also serve customers outside of your business, you have the option to list your service area as well. If you do not serve customers at your business address, enter that address and select “I deliver goods and services to my customers”, then list your service areas, and click “Next”.
  6. Search for and select a business category. Then, click “Next”.
  7. Enter a phone number or website URL, then click “Finish”. You will also have the option to create a free website based on your information. However, we recommend giving us a call to discuss building a custom website for your business.
  8. Select a verification option. It’s recommended that you review your information before you request verification. To verify now, select the red banner at the top that says “Verify Now”. To verify later, click “Verify Later”. If you’re not authorized to manage the business profile for the chain, find the person in your organization who’s authorized and continue the process.  (Tip: If you get an on-screen message that someone else has verified the business, request ownership of the business profile.)

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