July 8, 2019 Westin Yancey
Garmin Force Trolling Motor Released

Garmin The Leading Marine Electronics Manufacturer Continues To Set The Standard

Most every angler has dealt with Garmin Marine Electronics at some point in their fishing career with satisfaction. Now Garmin is releasing their all new Garmin Force Trolling Motor. The new design will allow anglers to cover ground more efficiently and quietly. Many trolling motors in todays market can ruin a fishing hole just form vibration and noise alone. The Force Trolling Motor uses a brushless motor which allows it operate with almost undetectable sound. Both the steering and sonar are both above the industry standards. The Force is also the first trolling motor to hit the market with built in CHIRP, High Definition ClearVu, and SideVu Sonars. 

The Goal: Quiet, Powerful, & Effecient

The force trolling motor is 30% more effecient than the leading fresh water trolling motors on the market. The motor can push anglers from spot to spot quicker, but also slow down for when you need to fish a slower speeds. Depending on the power your boat needs the Force is available in 36v & 24v motors. The 24V motor operates compared to most of the industries 36V motors. 

Highest Quality Built in Sonar

The Force makes setup easy for Garmin uses with its built in integration. No more having spend hours to use zip ties and mounting your electronics to your trolling motor. The easy to use cable management system protects the transducer cables and allows for additional accessories. 

Next Level Boat Control

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor comes with wireless control and built in auto pilot. A built in heading censor and precise GPS  allows you to anchor down and hold your spot in any fishing hole. You can also mark your favorite waypoints and spots that will allow users to select an auto guided route to their next destination. 

Force also comes with an adjustable resistance foot pedal along with foot activated buttons. The buttons allow anglers to control speed, heading, and anchor lock.  The Force also comes with a wired power cable option for those who don’t wish to exchange batteries routinely. 

The wireless remote control allows the user to control the steering from any spot on the boat. The remote wireless control gives full control of the motor. 

Force Trolling Motor Release

The first unveiling of the force is set to be July 10-12 at ICAST in Orlando. The Force is expected to hit retailers August of 2019 and be available in a 50in or 57in shaft. Typical MSRP will be $3099.99 & $3199.99.