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August 2, 2019 Westin Yancey

Modern Outdoor Media Takes On Food & Snacks

Now Working With Bridgford Foods

After years of working with lures, boat, electronics, guides, and a wide range of outdoor clients, Modern Outdoor Media has jumped into the food & snack game.

Bridgford Foods Corporation is a 100% American company with a wide range of delicious on the go snacks, which makes it a handy asset to any outdoor enthusiast. Over 80 years ago Hugh H. Bridgford opened the first Bridgford Meat Market in San Diego, California. Now here 80 years later they have grown across all 50 states and employ over 500 employees.


Our goal for Bridgford foods is to showcase them as the #1 Snack in the outdoor industry.

By building a great outdoor team and adding our lifestyle photography, we are sure to create a lasting impact on the outdoor community. We want to be sure Bridgford Foods is your preferred snack of choice the next time you are packing up for a beautiful outdoor getaway. Bridgford offers a wide range of delicious snacks such as Sweet Baby Rays beef jerky, pepperoni, salami, sausage sticks, and snack bites.

National Reach

Whether you know it or not you have most likely run into Bridgford at nearly all your local grocer or convenience stores. All of Bridgford products come in clean easy to use packaging which make it easy to find a spot for your car, backpack, or cooler. Bridgford stands on high values as a company and we here at Modern Outdoor Media look forward to presenting that through our outdoor lifestyle management to the rest of the country. You can be sure you will be seeing more from Bridgford Foods over this year and others to come.