Branding is more than a logo

“Branding is how others feel about you.”
-Marty Neumeier

What is Branding Design?

Branding design is an all-encompassing aesthetic that will define how people will see you in all that you show them. How will the logo look? How will the logo be used? What typography shall be used on our website and graphic design? What about color? What colors shall we establish who we are?

These are a few elements that we will be working with you for your brand design. By engaging in your audience to define who they are and how they live, we will develop your brand to appeal to the audience that we assist you to define.

How will this help you?

By fully immersing our research and design focus to connect with your audience, we will be able to create a brand guide that will help you reach them.

People do not trust a brand unless it is familiar. If you are a business who sells a product in the outdoors industry if your brand design is not familiar it will not be trusted. To go up against the GIANTS in your industry, your brand will have to be familiar. Creating a logo that is too far removed from the audience that you wish to connect with, they will not engage.

The ultimate goal behind brand design is to create boundaries that you can work within to ensure that all of your touch points with your audience remains the same and familiar. This causes brand trust. If you lose trust, you lose your audience and your brand.

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