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What Angler Aid was needing…

Angler Aid starting the brand with a single product created a problem for the brand to be able to transfer itself to something that was scalable and maintain customer retention as well as market attention. The product is very useful for anglers but it is not an item that would be at the forefront of the minds of anglers. This created an issue of brand awareness and brand scalability to grow in the market.

As we spent time with the team at Angler Aid in the brand strategy sessions, we were able to migrate the brand to become the Premiere Angler Safety brand in the outdoors industry. Correlation with the team allowed us to create a brand that will be a resource to all anglers on the topic of safety and health. Along with the resources they will be providing, Angler Aid will now offer products to help solve the problems that may occur while on the water.


What Angler Aid needed in design…

The team at Angler Aid are professionals in the business structures and solutions for market sales. While their strengths were merited, they attempted to create what was necessary for them to go to market with their product.

We spent time analyzing their market segment and created an identity structure that will integrate them within their segmentation but allowed them for easy identification by customers apart from their competition.

Where Angler Aid is going…

Brand identity goes beyond just the logo. Through the images you see, we are able to allow Angler Aid to permeate the market with tangible products and noticeable extensions of the brand. This will create an accelerated recognition within the outdoors industry as these products and extensions become more aware of the marketplace customers.

Designing peripherals for a brand create the fire within the market for fans to get involved with the brand and become evangelists for the brand within the public.