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December 5, 2021 Brett Hoffman

2022 Mathews V3X: First Thoughts

Hunting season is winding down, and the 2022 flagship bows are starting to release. I got the opportunity to go shoot the 2022 Mathews V3X, and I am going to give my first thoughts on it.

V3X: What's New For 2022?

I’ll be honest, at first glance I was not super impressed when I saw Mathews release what looked like 2 clones from last year’s V3 models. However, the 2022 V3X does have some improvements, so let’s dive into them.

After staying with shorter axle-to-axle flagship bows the last several years, Mathews finally listened to the hunters begging for something a little longer. The V3X 33 is exactly that. Coming in at 336 fps with a 6.5″ brace height, the V3X 33 offers an extremely stable platform, and a more comfortable string angle for those longer draw archers. Mathews also released a V3X 29 that comes in at 340 fps and a 6″ brace height. With the release of the V3X models, you can now choose from a 27, 28, 29, 31, 31.5, or a 33 inch axle to axle bow in the Mathews flagship hunting line. 

Mathews also engineered what they are calling the Bridge-Lock on the 2022 bows. With this new feature, most standard dove tails can me mounted through the front of the riser, instead of to the outside of it. This is significant because it not only keeps the weight of your sight to the center of the bow, but it also allows the quiver to stay closer to your riser. which brings me to the next new feature on the 2022 V3X.

Along with the new way to mount your dovetail, Mathews has also released 2 new quivers. The Low-Pro Quiver for 2022 is offered in a fixed and detachable option. Paired with the Bridge-Lock technology, the Low-Pro Quiver provides unmatched balance to the bow, staying closer to the riser than ever before. 

Mathews also engineered a new system that they are calling the Stay Afield System for the V3X. This was something that I thought was really neat, as it gives a hunter the ability to “press” their bow in the field without actually having a bow press. So, if you have a peep issue, or need to take the pressure off of your cables and strings on your V3X, you are able to do so without leaving the field.

Lastly, there is a new finish offered on the 2022 bows, and Mathews knocked it out of the park with this one. The name of this new color is “Granite”, and it’s one that you really have to just see in person to truly appreciate it. 

My Thoughts

I personally only shot the V3X 33 model, as it would be the bow that I’d most likely purchase. The V3X I shot was in the granite finish, and could quite possibly be my favorite color Mathews has offered to date.

Now, let’s talk feel. The draw cycle felt nearly identical to my V3, which came as no surprise, because the cam systems are the same. Mathews kept a nearly identical looking riser, as well as the same damping system from last year, so post-shot vibration was also like the V3. Which is none. Mathews has the vibration damping game mastered, but you probably already knew that. The longer axle-to-axle on the V3X 33 provides an extremely comfortable string angle at my 30 inches of draw length.

Overall, despite being disappointed initially at the 2022 release by Mathews, I was impressed by the V3X 33 once I got my hands on one. I remember when the Traverse was released a couple of years ago, and I loved that bow. My only complaint about it was that Mathews didn’t offer it with the SwitchWeight mods. After shooting the very first shot out of the V3X 33, I knew that Mathews had made exactly what I was hoping for in the Traverse. So if you’re like me, and loved the Traverse, but wanted SwitchWeight mods, then I’d suggest getting hands on the 2022 Mathews V3X 33.

To customize your own Mathews V3X, head on over to: https://www.mathewsinc.com/bow-builder/